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15 Unusual Uses for Coffee Filters

Most of us just think of using coffee filters for our morning pot of Joe. There are some other great uses for coffee filters then one would think.

Good quality filters are made from virgin paper so they are free from lint and are great for cleaning any kind of glass, including you TV screen, computer monitor, and reading glasses.


Put a filter in the bottom of your flower pot containers, over the drainage holes. This keeps the soil from leaving the container while still allowing water to run through it.

Soak filters in brewed tea or even just plain water and chill. Fold them and use as a cold compress for puffy eyes.

Accordion fold a few coffee filters, cut into strips, and use as shipping material for fragile items.

The unbleached kind makes fun shredding material for hamsters.

A coffee filter is perfect for spreading oil or butter on a cooking pan since a coffee filter’s fibers won’t break off in your oils like a napkin’s would.



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Coffee filters are so useful for more than just making coffee.


Shield stacked china from scratches and nicks by layering a filter between each piece.

Use a coffee filter to prevent splatter when heating something in the microwave, simply place over the top of your food and cook as normal.

Poke a hole in a filter and insert the stick of your popsicle. You now have a DIY popsicle drip collector!

Put the end of an ice cream cone in the center of a filter and wrap the filter around it for a drip-free ice cream cone wrapper.

Filter wine when you break the cork in the bottle.







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Use a coffee filter as a makeshift rag. Unlike paper towels, coffee filters are lint free and take up very little space.

Put under bacon, fries, fried chicken etc. to soak up excess grease.

Use to line bamboo steamers.

Place a few tablespoons of baking soda in a filter and twist the top together with a rubber band. Place in shoes, gym bag, closet, refrigerator, or anywhere else that may have developed some less-than-pleasant odors.



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Throw a few in your pocket on your way out the door, you never know what other uses you may come up with.


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