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15 Beautiful Vertical Pallet Planters

If you want to a garden but don’t have the space, then these vertical pallet planters will be really nice. Using Pallets for building things is a great way to save money and still finish with an awesome project.

A little paint and some plants and you have some awesome planters.

Great idea from


A nice fence for a little privacy from your neighbors.

 Very nice from


A simple little project that can brighten up any area.

A simple project from design


Great planters for livening up any wall or fence.

Thanks for the beautiful idea


A sweet little planter that will look great on your porch.

Many thank to for this sweet project.


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A great looking pallet planter that will make any space look wonderful.


How would this nice little herb garden look at your house?

Nice herbs


Great planter for growing cucumbers or other vine veggies.

Way to make a great planter


A great space saving planter for lettuce and other leafy plants.

Very nice


Another wonderful idea for an herb garden, great for colder climates where you can bring in the pots when needed.

Perfect for any small space, thanks



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Great planter for a condo or apartment balcony.


Great planter for  your deck or you can bring it inside.

 for more of this wonderful planter see


A quick little planter for your succulents that looks great anywhere.

From a little help from our friends at


This great wall planter from old wood pallets will grow lots of different plants.

Awesome idea from


Our last project of this article, Hope you enjoyed them all.

Hope you have many blooms thanks to


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